Elements of UX for Mobile App Design

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Elements of UX for Mobile App Design

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User experience design is an integral component to the success of any early stage startup, playing a part in the early stages of achieving product-market fit, to high user growth, to lowering user acquisition costs.

When it comes to good design for mobile and web applications, one must consider what common attributes are shared amongst large app companies such as Facebook and Instagram. Just as each human being is composed of the same chemical elements, every good application contains the same user experience elements.

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This workshop will review the 8 main elements for a good user experience.
• Simplicity
• OnBoarding
• Focus
• Engagement
• Flow
• Virality
• Gamification
• Delight

Each core element will be reviewed in-depth, providing real examples and illustrations to better understand their use and application.

You’ll Learn How To:
Apply design elements modeled from the greatest apps.
Have a greater sense of what “user experience” means.
Use industry best practices for mobile app design.